Brave to Love
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Brave to Love

Brave to Love

愛情白皮書 (2019)

Genres: Romance, Life, Youth
Actors: Zhang Ting Hu, Gingle Wang, Edison Song, Sylvia Hsieh, Andy Wu, Angel Ho, Lego Lee, Kingone Wang, Mandy Wei, Lan Zhang
Directors: Unknown
Networks: TTV
Duration: 90 min. per ep
Types: Drama
Countries: Taiwanese
Released: 2019
Episode: Ep 15 / 13
Cheng Mei, Gua Ju, Qu Shou, Xing Hua, and Song Gang are friends who met in a student association in university. Because of love, they all had a taste of heartbreak! From students to graduates entering society, facing obstacles that revolve around same-sex relationship, workplace bullying, female autonomy, extramarital affairs, and May-December romance, how do they maintain their friendship and resolve all the challenges that arise from life and love? Adapted from the work of the well-known Japanese cartoonist Fumi Saimon, “Love White Paper” incorporates current social issues in our day-to-day life, letting the audience relive the emotional moments in the film while resonating with the younger generation. (Credit: Viki)
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